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Latest Resources

Jul 21

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor While Pursuing Ministry by Steven Leatherbury

The more we encourage our pastor through prayer the more we will realize our own need in the ministry God would have for us.  

Jul 20

You Have No Heart by Joshua Jenkins

A robust understanding of the sinfulness of the human heart leads to a right understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jul 20

A Pastor's Character Over His Competence by Chris Thomas

Give me a godly man with an average gift over the orator of the ages, whose character hasn’t been shaped by the gospel.

Jul 19

Learning to Talk About Disability by Lucy Crabtree

My prayer is not for my disability to show you something lacking in yourself, but to demonstrate the wholeness of Christ. 

Jul 19

How Do You Respond When Corrected? by Steve Burchett

Scripture isn’t always meant to comfort us. Sometimes it addresses us in our pride, when we think incorrectly, or when we behave sinfully.

Jul 18

Pray for Forgetfulness by Brandon Freeman

To be free from self-reflection and consumed with the glory of the preaching moment is a gift of God.

Jul 18

Misusing Your Spiritual Disciplines by Michael Kelley

Rather than backing God into a corner, the spiritual disciplines position us into a kneeling position.

Jul 17

5 Words of Advice for Young Seminarians by Jared C. Wilson

If you try to do theological education in your own strength, you fail, no matter how good your grades are.

Jul 17

The Bible is Better Than Google by Margaret Bronson

Because of His perfection, we know that what He says is reliably true. 

Jul 17

Links For The Church (7/17) by Staff

This week's links include resources on climate change, good intent with racism, strong women, and grief in a worship service.

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