Where Are All The Godly Men?

Jason K. Allen

The False Heaven of a Successful Ministry

Jared C. Wilson

5 Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church

Nathan Rose

Resource Library

Jun 26

How We're Like God & How We're Not by Kaitlyn Wright

God has given us all we need to know about Him in His Word, and He has much grace and patience for those who seek to know Him. 

Jun 26

Loving the People You Love to Hate by Jared C. Wilson

Here’s how you know if you hate something someone has done or if you actually hate that person.

Jun 26

Links For The Church (6/26) by Staff

This week's links include resources on joy in the morning, children and the Bible, lamenting for real people, same-sex attraction, and anxiety.

Jun 25

The Ark of Jesus Christ by Charles Spurgeon

If thou art still crying after and craving after something better, Christ has not forgotten thee, for thou hast not quite forgotten him.

Jun 23

Suggestions for Pastors When Your Church is not Happy with You by Jim Elliff

The man I wanted to be was the man God prescribed, above all.

Jun 23

The Power of Company by Adam Kareus

The power of God flows through the Christian community and it also flows through our lives as we live alongside non-believers.

Jun 13

Why Discipleship Matters by Jared C. Wilson

Series: 2017 For The Church Conference at SBC - Phoenix

Jared C. Wilson, director of Content Strategy and managing editor of For The Church.

Jun 13

Why Church Membership Matters by Jason K. Allen

Series: 2017 For The Church Conference at SBC - Phoenix

Jason K. Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Jun 13

Why Baptism Matters by Mark Dever

Series: 2017 For The Church Conference at SBC - Phoenix

Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC.