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Aug 22

Why I Love the Rural Church by Brandon Pearce

When people ask me why I am a rural church planter or ask what good can come from Arma, my response is always the same: "Come and see."

Aug 22

The Right Kind of Shame by Mathew Gilbert

There is a kind of shame that is both redeeming and sanctifying and it may bring us to gospel heights otherwise unknown.

Aug 22

Pursuing Racial Reconciliation by Walking Down the Street by Nathan Loudin

Our churches aren’t more than 300 yards from each other. One is a white church. One is a black church.

Aug 21

Getting Bored With the Right Things by Jared C. Wilson

Jesus is sweating blood while the disciples are sawing logs.

Aug 21

The Solar Eclipse and Repentance in Biblical Theology by Todd Chipman

The sad irony of August 21, 2017, is that what many will celebrate today, even with decadence, signals God’s wrath upon human idolatry. 

Aug 21

Showing and Growing: 10 Practical Steps for Community by Adam McClendon

If the average church member would seek to live out these principles, they would find deeper relationships and have a much richer sense of purpose.

Aug 21

Links For The Church (8/21) by Staff

This week's links include resources on whole living, insecurity, Satan's two voices, and virtue signaling. 

Aug 20

The Broad Wall by Charles Spurgeon

We walk at liberty, because we keep his precepts.

Aug 18

Grow Your Own Leaders by Adam D. Swift

Pastors and ministerial leaders are shaped and fashioned only in the context of a local church, and nowhere else. 

Aug 18

When The Chariot of Guilt Rolls In To Town by Erik Raymond

It is deadly to wallow in guilt. It saps joy as it eclipses Christ.