Recently Added Blog Entries

May 19

How God Uses Questions in the Bible by Michael Kelley

God uses questions to force us to confront our own hearts.

May 18

What Do You Do When You're In the Pit? by Godwin Sathianathan

Learn to groan in the pit, but never grumble!

May 18

The Beauty of Being Broken Down by Stephen Altrogge

My weaknesses show me just how great and powerful God is, because only he could bring something good out of the mess that is me.

May 18

The 4 Biblical Marks of Corporate Worship by Jason K. Allen

Our attempts to improve Christian worship may, in fact, distract from it. Often, less actually is more. There can be a beauty in simplicity.

May 17

Pastors, Spend Time with Non-Pastors by Garrett Kell

Being around the flock helps them see what our message looks like in real life.

May 17

On Your Knees: Missions Work Thousands of Miles Away by Steve Burchett

Powerful preaching and fruitful ministry on the mission field depend on the prayers of God’s people.

May 16

Aren’t There Already Enough Churches? by Joel Littlefield

Some ask, "Do we really need another church?" The better question is, "Are there still lost people in our communities?"

May 16

I'm Listening, Sam

Why Millennials Leave the Church

Hang in there, Sam. The church has been through some pretty dark times, but she’s beautiful.

May 15

No Hoping In Me by Joshua Jenkins

Scripture testifies to the stark reality that the heart of man is the problem of man.

May 15

Links For The Church (5/15) by Staff

This week's links include resources on the law, single working women, culture and counseling, and Christians at work.