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Jul 10

The Mysterious Trinity and Why It Matters by Jeanie Layne

It matters that we get the Trinity correct because it pertains to the God we love and worship, and we want to worship Him rightly. 

Jul 10

Links For The Church (7/10) by Staff

This week's links include resources on parenting, going through the motions, loving the wrong things, and worry.

Jul 9

Light and Darkness by Charles Spurgeon

A believer has two principles at work within him.

Jul 7

FTC Phoenix Videos by T. Patrick Hudson

Watch all the videos from the recent FTC: Phoenix event at the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention, including talks from Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Thom Rainer, and Jared C. Wilson.

Jul 7

5 Reasons Sermons Fail by Jason K. Allen

Sufficient preparation is indispensable to faithful preaching. Insufficient preparation makes mortals of us all.

Jul 7

Why You Will Join the Wrong Church by Sam Emadi

Instead of valuing consumerism, the Bible roots our membership in the idea of a covenant, which offers an infinitely superior alternative.

Jul 6

Pastor, Don't Forsake the Goodness of Deep Friendships by Steve Bezner

When taking the risk to develop deep friendships with others, I find that most of my deepest pastoral worries never comes to pass.

Jul 6

Remember the Sabbath: Part 3 by Mike Ayers

Transformation from true sabbath rest comes by renewing our minds, not simply amusing them.

Jul 5

Don't Just Tweet Your Proverbs by Jim Elliff

We should never think that just because God has blessed us, we are free to allow our heart to be turned from God. 

Jul 5

The Good News of Penal Substitution by Jonathon Woodyard

If God’s wrath has not fallen on Jesus at Calvary, then his justice is not satisfied.