Recently Added Conversations

Mar 28

H.B. Charles on the Pastor's Most Important Weekly Tasks by H.B. Charles, Jr.

We ask H.B. Charles, "What are the pastor’s most important weekly tasks?"

Mar 14

David Prince on the Church and High Impact Sports by David Prince

We asked David Prince, "What should the Christian think about high-impact sports?"

Mar 10

Jonathan Leeman on Elders and Deacons Working Together

How can a church avoid turning its elders and deacons into a sort of bicameral legislature?

Series: Conversations

Mar 7

J.T. English on Growing Churches “Feeling Small” by JT English

We ask J.T. English, "How do you make sure a growing church keeps 'feeling small?'”

Feb 28

Michael Kelley on the Writing Process by Michael Kelley

We ask Michael Kelley to describe his writing process.

Feb 24

Russell Moore on the Culture War by Russell Moore

Series: Conversations

If conservatives have lost the culture war and the American church is in decline, what is there for evangelicals to be encouraged by?

Feb 21

Why Should One Consider Formal Theological Education? by Nathan Finn

We ask Nathan Finn, "Why should one consider formal theological education?"