Recently Added Resources

Apr 30

How Precious Are Thy Thoughts, O God by Charles Spurgeon

Divine omniscience affords no comfort to the ungodly mind, but to the child of God it overflows with consolation.

Jan 28

Why Christianity is Different by Jared C. Wilson

Series: 2017 Ready Conference

Jared C. Wilson preaches on the uniqueness of Christianity at the 2017 Ready Conference at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College.

Apr 28

Why A "Paper" Bible is Better Than A Bible App At Church Meetings by Steve Burchett

Your paper Bible could be precious and useful to you in ways that a digital Bible never could. 

Apr 28

Ordinary is Big Enough in God’s Eyes by Courtney Reissig

We are living in a time when being ordinary is the worst thing that can happen to a person, and nothing screams ordinary like at-home work.

Apr 27

Is Singleness a Problem - or an Opportunity? by Owen Strachan

Singleness on its own terms is not a problem. In Scripture, it’s an opportunity.

Apr 27

Making the Most of Sunday Morning Conversations by Ryan Higginbottom

If we want to build vibrant, heart-level relationships, we must make the most of the time we're given.

Apr 27

Jesus and the Broken-Hearted by Adam McClendon

Our response to Jesus will often be proportionate to our understanding of the egregiousness of our sin.

Apr 26

You Can't Love Missions Without Loving the Local Church by Caleb Greggsen

Imagine what could happen if your church started sending overseas those members who love and serve the church best.

Apr 26

Sister, You Can Do Hard Things by Amy Gannett

Others can do the work to study and reframe the truths of God’s Word for you, but you’ll then miss the riches and rewards that come from hard work and study of the Word for yourself.

Apr 26

Bearing with the Failings of the Weak by Kole Farney

You are encouraged to love one another as Christ has loved you, and a key way that happens is through the extension of merciful strength and aid in the face of failure.