Recently Added Resources

Feb 9

The Gospel and Social Media Part 4 by Ronni Kurtz

Thinking through these questions often can help identify your stream as a gospel-filled well your followers should drink from often or a gospel-less pit followers should avoid.

Feb 8

Song Requests and Gospel Rest by Daniel Ross

Ultimately, God’s glory in your selections should be more important than making someone happy

Feb 8

When You Are The New Kid by Lucy Crabtree

Roll up your sleeves, labor alongside them, and love them.

Feb 8

Dear Bi-Vocational Pastor by Joshua Jenkins

There is no nobler task than to deliver good news to weary souls week-in and week-out.

Feb 7

What's Left When a Church Closes by Luke Holmes

The danger of focusing on things over people is that we might actually get what we want. 

Feb 7

Photobombing Jesus

Confessions of a Glory Thief

A simple, but profound truth: Jesus came to save glory thieves from themselves.

Feb 7

J.D. Greear on Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

We asked J.D. Greear, "What are some important things to remember when sharing the gospel with Muslims?"

Feb 6

How Journaling Combats Sin by Allyson Todd

Journaling is not an end in and of itself; the end is to look to and live by the cross.  

Feb 6

10 Books for Your Church's Book Table by Jared C. Wilson

I have composed this list thinking of the kinds of needs and interests most Christians seek out answers for in the sorts of books that sell most often at Christian bookstores.

Feb 6

Links For The Church (2/6) by Staff

This week's links include resources on self-care, abortion, our problem, and community.