The Hope of Holiness

Grace Pike

Returning To Your First Love

Jim Elliff

The Light of Weakness

Allyson Todd

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Jan 27

Episode 103: J.T. English on Deep Discipleship by J.T. English and Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with J.T. English about making substantive disciples in the 21st-century church and his new book *Deep Discipleship.*

Jan 27

Returning To Your First Love by Jim Elliff

When you sin, repent immediately of your disobedience and continue in your affection for God.

Jan 27

The Hope of Holiness by Grace Pike

The only hope of all human beings is the undeserved love of God, who alone can rescue and restore them to Himself.

Jan 26

Family Discipleship: A Book Review by Collin Campbell

Series: Book Reviews

You don’t have to add thirty different events to your calendar to disciple your children, you just need to take advantage of time, moments, and milestones that you already have.

Jan 26

Jared Bumpers on What Percentage of a Church’s Preaching Should be Expository by Jared Bumpers asks Jared Bumpers, Director of Student Life and Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry, “What percentage of a church’s preaching should be expository?”

Jan 25

How Salvation is Ultimately About God by Jared C. Wilson

Salvation is for us, of course—God doesn’t need it—but it’s not mainly about us. It is mainly about God. How so? Turning to the deep well of Ephesians 2, we read: But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, […]

Jan 25

The Light of Weakness by Allyson Todd

Even if we momentarily have strength that surpasses all others, we are sure to face a reckoning of weakening.

Jan 25

Links For The Church (1/24) by Staff

This week’s links includes resources on weariness, God and sin, editing prayers, personal hardship, and single parents.

Jan 22

Jeff Medders on Churches Tiring of the Gospel by J.A. Medders

Series: Conversations

What should a pastor do when his church is tired of hearing the Gospel?

Jan 22

Fill Your Veins with the Bible by Anca Martin

The leaves of Christ’s salvation in us will never wither because of the living water welling up inside.