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Feb 29

Wrath, Western Lit, and The Cross by Jesse Payne

The "leadoff hitter" of Western lit carries the responsibility of setting the tone for all future literature. And does it ever.

Jul 7

Life As a House by Sean Post

With each young man still wearing a smile of pride and accomplishment, I poured lighter fluid on each project and lit them aflame.

Jul 21

Why We Sing With The Lights On by Ronni Kurtz

I fear that in our attempt to eliminate distractions we’ve also eliminated the corporate reality of worship.

Dec 23

Advent Day 23: The Lord Will Be Your Light by Ronnie Martin

Series: Advent

A Daily Advent Series at For The Church

Sep 19

Waiting for Akman: Part Two by Chris Thomas

Part two of a two-part parable recounting the events of Exodus 11-12.

May 31

When Mommy Loves Jesus More by Emily Jensen

As awkward and abrasive as it might sound to my son’s little ears, I will continue to tell him that I love Jesus more.

Nov 24

Practicing Confession by Clara Sylvester

Confessing Jesus as our Savior and as our ultimate way of escape is where our hope lies. When we lock arms with other believers, we walk alongside those who help us fight our sin.

Dec 16

The Purification of Waiting by Clara Sylvester

Instead of a season to pray and prepare and grow in patience and perseverance, waiting can become a place of bitterness and self-indulgence.

Dec 10

Hope for a Suffering World: Divine Impassibility by Matthew Barrett

It may seem counter-intuitive, but only impassibility can give us a personal God who is eternal, unalterable love.

Aug 12

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 2 – An Open Letter to Christians by Sam Parkison

You who are tempted to stay home out of convenience, I urge you to repent and come back to church.