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Sep 7

FTC Preaching Guide: Judges by Benjamin Vrbicek

For those willing to break a sweat and endure some soreness, the vistas that open in the book of Judges are just as fearfully and wonderfully made—you just might have to wade through a swamp or hack through a jungle before you can see them.

Jun 3

More Than a Battle: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Joe Rigney’s recent book, More Than a Battle: How to Experience Victory, Freedom, and Healing from Lust, is (tragically) necessary. Some might find such an assertion odd, given the plethora of similar books already in print. “Do we really need another book on overcoming lust and pornography?” The answer is simply that until we, as […]

Nov 26

Always, and For All Things by Charles Spurgeon

A sermon on thankfulness from Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Feb 14

What Jesus Meant About the Lost Sheep by David McLemore

Jesus knew the Bible, and he used David's words to foretell the kind of battle he came to fight and the kind of victory he came to win.

Oct 31

God’s Wrecking Ball: A Tribute to Luther by Sam Bierig

Luther was God’s wrecking ball. He was God’s appointed servant for such a time as the Protestant Reformation.

Sep 3

Thankfulness Always: Reflections on Five Years as Provost by Jason G. Duesing

Because God is good and he does not change, there is a reason to be thankful, to God, for God, always.

Feb 5

Womb, or Death Chamber? by Ben Gum

The womb should be more like a blossoming garden than a cold cell at Auschwitz. Those who use this law as occasion for murderous convenience will not go unnoticed by the Lord.

Aug 6

When You’re Hurt by the Church by Gail Emerson

The body of Christ should be a refuge for the wounded.

Aug 6

When Youre Hurt by the Church by Gail Emerson

The body of Christ should be a refuge for the wounded.