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Jun 1

4 Essentials of Great Preaching by Jason K. Allen

Nothing is more pathetic than a man preaching from a Bible he doesn’t believe.

Nov 9

Let Us Repent of Our Nonchalance by Jared C. Wilson

Let's advance the gospel of the kingdom out into the perimeter of our hearts and lives with affectionate meekness and humble submission.

Mar 30

Fear and Trembling by Jared C. Wilson

As it pertains to having the living God draw near to us, fear and trembling assume it is truly God and the glorious Christ we have encountered and not some pitiful caricature.

Feb 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 2 Corinthians by Sam Parkison

2 Corinthians is inspired by God, and preaching “the whole counsel of God” looks like preaching this book.

Jul 15

Leaving the Work Undone by Jim Elliff

Do you find enemy holdouts in your life? Sins that rule you? Habits that are a snare to you?

Jul 16

For the Pastor’s Kid: Your Dad Needs You by Bethany Melton

Pastor's Kid, your dad devotes his time and talent to faithfully steering the church toward Christ. As his son or daughter, don’t detract from that mission. Be a catalyst.

Jan 24

The Audacious Invincibility of Meekness by Jared C. Wilson

There is much good in young men rejecting passivity, taking responsibility, and seeking to better themselves. But the arteries of anger, victimhood, and aggressive machismo running through the new masculinity movement do not bode well.

Nov 28

As God Lives by Jared C. Wilson

Boaz is one of those strange guys who does certain things because God exists.

Aug 23

Early Discoveries of a Young Pastor by Sam Parkison

We will be crushed under the weight of ministry if we forget that Christ's church is Christ's.

Feb 9

Diary of an Ex-Shepherd by Mike Leake

"First day on the job with the new flock. It isn’t the biggest or the healthiest flock in the world…but it’s mine. And I’m excited to see how they’ll grow."