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Oct 26

He Buried 200 Church Members by Erik Raymond

Pastors must believe and preach Jesus’s powerful death-defeating, wrath-guzzling triumph!

Nov 11

Spurgeon on Pastoral Transitions by Geoff Chang

Reflecting on pastoral transitions, Spurgeon shares nine lessons for pastors and church leaders to consider as they prepare their churches for the next pastor.

Oct 21

A Brief History of How Friendships Like Yours Can Change the World by Alex Diprima

What if more Christians began to view their friendships as stewardships from God? We should all actively look for opportunities to leverage our friendships for practical, kingdom-minded endeavors.

Dec 7

The 2020 FTC Book Awards by Ronni Kurtz

The famed E.B. White once opined that “books are good company, in sad times and happy times.” It is no secret that 2020 has brought an array of these “sad times.” From global pandemics, cultural unrest, political plight, and more, hard days are no stranger to many of us this calendar year. Yet, in the […]

Aug 6

Our Times Are in His Hands by Diana Severance

Corrie traveled the world sharing her story and the lessons she had learned: God’s love is stronger that the deepest darkness; God’s love is victorious over hatred.

May 6

Cultivating Church Planting During COVID19 by Corey O'Grady

While the days ahead may be uncertain to us, God’s power and mission are as sure and certain as ever.

Jan 24

A Student Ministry Manifesto by Sam Bierig

A 10-point manifesto for a healthier Youth Ministry.

Dec 17

The Importance of Ecclesiology in Church Planting by Joshua Hedger

How can you plant a church if you don’t actually know what a church is?

Dec 10

Now that Camp, or the Retreat, or the Conference, is Over by Steve Burchett

It’s impossible to replicate, day after day, the camp/retreat/conference high. What can you do to make the most of your experience after it’s all over? 

Dec 4

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