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Jul 14

When Online Education is Best by Robert Matz

For many thousands of Bible students, online theological education is not a second-rate option but is the absolute best option.

Sep 14

5 Better Ways to “Argue” About Social Justice by Jared C. Wilson

I'm not convinced this thing can be settled online at all. But it's effecting real life relationships and it's effecting local churches, so the least we can do is start thinking and rethinking in terms of our online discourse.

Nov 2

Let Your Internet Yes Be Your Real-Life Yes by Jared C. Wilson

We weren’t designed to be double-minded. We weren’t made to playact, to posture. So it’s impossible to keep The Persona from taking over.

Mar 15

Our Pandemically Poor Ecclesiology by Jared C. Wilson

Whether you meet or don't meet, do all things to the glory of God.

Mar 16

Links For The Church (3/16) by Staff

This week's links include resources on courage, preaching, going online as a church, ministry work, and praying during coronavirus. 

Feb 8

Ready19 Conference Messages Now Available by Staff

All plenary sessions from the 2019 Ready Conference are now available for viewing online.

Sep 10

Why You Should Actually Go to Seminary by Taylor DiRoberto

Moving to campus and immersing yourself in a holistic experience shows you are serious about your training and that you have set apart this season for something special.

Sep 25

Links For The Church (9/25) by Staff

This week's links include resources on systematic theology, hurricane Harvey, bad reasons to leave a church, congregational singing, murdering your marriage, and online tribalism for women. 

May 6

Pastoral Shame and Stewardship During a Pandemic by Rusty McKie

COVID-19 may have shut up the doors of our homes, but no pandemic can shut the ears of our Father.

Apr 29

Zoomed Out: Freedom from Consuming All the Resources During Quarantine by

There are many tasks to accomplish and there are many resources out there to accomplish them, but the most important task is to set your heart unto the Lord in this time.