Where Are All The Godly Men?

Jason K. Allen

The False Heaven of a Successful Ministry

Jared C. Wilson

5 Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church

Nathan Rose


Nov 4

After 20 Years, I Still... by Thor Madsen

I do not deserve to be in this place, doing this thing every day. No one does. 

Nov 4

Links For The Church (11/4) by Staff

This week's links include resources on the Christan non-majority, pastoral encouragement, evangelicals and retrieval, disabled children in the womb, and God's Book. 

Nov 1

The Best of Times & The Worst of Times

The Promise and Peril of Modern Gospel Ministry

We have learned again Christ’s words to be busy storing up treasures in heaven and not on earth, where moth and rust destroy. 

Oct 31

God’s Wrecking Ball: A Tribute to Luther by Sam Bierig

Luther was God’s wrecking ball. He was God’s appointed servant for such a time as the Protestant Reformation.

Oct 31

When My Halloween Became My Reformation Day

The Stand That Saved My Soul

On Halloween night 1998 I threw a party in my apartment. I had girls, booze, weed, and cocaine. On that Halloween night, I was geared up for what I expected to be a good time. But my friend Dave didn’t respond like I expected he would.

Oct 30

Superman Can’t Share the Gospel by Ronni Kurtz

When others hear the gospel from your lips, they hear it not from one who can leap over buildings in a single bound but from one who needs grace for the next breath.

Oct 30

The Bible Told Us Every Girl Was Sour? by Russell L. Meek

We’ve bought into the same worldview of the larger culture, which is that women—and all people, really—are objects for our consumption. 

Oct 29

On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Book Review by David McLemore

We’re all looking for a place where the Father comes running, wraps his arms around us with a tearful smile, and throws a party. We’re all looking for home.

Oct 29

Does Your Church Offer Weak Community? by Barry Cooper

Ensuring our Christian communities are “high group” isn’t just a question of growth. In a post-Christian America, it’s a question of survival.

Oct 29

I Awake, and I Am Still With You by Kole Farney

How is it that even while we sleep, we don’t lose our bearings concerning Christ?

Oct 28

Christ Over Compartmentalization by Jared C. Wilson

When we “accept” Jesus into our life, we give him a seat at the table. But this is not how Jesus operates.

Oct 28

Links For The Church (10/28) by Staff

This week's links include resources on disagreeing well, the Samaritan woman, joy, and those with special needs.

Oct 28

No Fear, No Wisdom by Sam Parkison

True wisdom—biblical wisdom—is not limited to the intellect. 

Oct 25

We Need Theological Triage by David McLemore

He took on skin to veil his radiance and live the life we should have lived to die the death we don’t want to die and save us from our sins. 

Oct 24

Biblical Theology in Discipleship by Nancy Guthrie

Here’s why I believe biblical theology should be woven into the fabric of discipleship in the local church.