Episode 084: Identifying Elder Candidates

Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

How the Kingdom Arrives in Matthew’s Gospel

Patrick Schreiner

Encouragement for the New Homeschooling Family During the Covid -19 Crisis

Kathrine Pittman

VIDEO: Should Pastors Be Writers?

Trevin Wax

Don’t Waste Your Medical Crisis

Karen Allen

3 Realities A Self-Help Article Will Never Tell You About Losing Weight

Lauren Graham

Latest Resources

Jun 1

'Sitting Shiva' with the World

In Times of Pain and Anger, Sometimes Prayerful Silence is the Revolutionary Act

In a world erupting with grief, fear, and wrath, sometimes prayerful silence is the best revolution.

Jun 1

4 Essentials of Great Preaching by Jason K. Allen

Nothing is more pathetic than a man preaching from a Bible he doesn’t believe.

Jun 1

Links For The Church (6/1) by Staff

This week's links include resources on exiles, despair, recovering tolerance, growing in marriage, preaching in tension, and women and the Bible. 

May 29

Michael Kelley on Marriage and Discipleship by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

Why is marriage such a vital crucible for discipleship?

May 28

The Next 10 Years: The Context of Theology by Owen Strachan

We are called to minister grace and truth. We need to shepherd pilgrims on their way to the New Jerusalem. How can we do this well in the next 10 years?

May 28

Why Do Christians Need to Hear the Gospel Every Day? by Cameron Smart

Some people believe that the gospel is only useful for evangelism. But followers of Jesus need to continue hearing the gospel even after they are born again.

May 27

Heading Home by Grace Pike

For the follower of Christ, our understanding of “home” and the decisions we make based on that understanding are crucial and complex. 

May 27

Theological Triage, Yes. How about Emotional Triage, Too? by Jonathon Woodyard

Paying attention to the proper emotional response to any given discussion of doctrine will help us love our brothers and sisters in more Christ-like ways.

May 26

Let Us All Be Hospitable by Courtney Reissig

The Christian images God in many ways, but one of the ways all of us can show the world what he is like is through our practice of hospitality.

May 25

Teach Me! by H.B. Charles, Jr.

This is an essential qualification for admission into God’s school: you must recognize you have a lot to learn.

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