Paul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell is a Ph.D. student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and philosophy professor at Moody Bible Institute. He writes more at his blog,, and pretends to like coffee. You can follow him on Twitter at @paulcmaxwell.

Aug 5

The Single Person’s Good Desire For Sex by Paul Maxwell

We’re not dirty and sinful because of our sexual desires, and God fights for us as creatures in his image with sexual desires.

Jul 8

The Epidemic of Male Body Hatred by Paul Maxwell

A six pack plays no role in God’s love for you. You being conformed to the physical cultural ideal changes God’s love for you exactly 0%.

Jun 10

To The Sons and Daughters of Divorce by Paul Maxwell

My parents divorced when I was nine. I’m not a victim, but the break still broke me.

Jun 3

How God Cares For Those Who Don’t by Paul Maxwell

We now face a bigger, badder “I don’t care.” It’s more complex. Topics of God, church, love, community, spiritual discipline, theological conviction, relational faithfulness, life, work, family, friends, whatever . . . all receive a definitive, self-assured “Meh.”

May 6

Autocorrect and Indwelling Sin by Paul Maxwell

Have you ever found yourself, in the midst of failure and frustration in the Christian life, saying, “I hate myself”?

Apr 23

God Embraces the Embarrassed by Paul Maxwell

Whether it’s a laughable underwear-on-stage experience (laughable later), or a deeply unsettling loss of integrity, embarrassment is a besetting quality of human life. It lurks and stalks beneath the surface of our circumstances, waiting to sink its teeth into our every failing and loss — intentional or naive, serious or jovial, public or private, embarrassment is a trained hunter of human failure.