Resources by Bryan Elliff

Bryan Elliff is a writer and speaker with Christian Communicators Worldwide. Drawing on undergraduate and graduate studies in Bible backgrounds and Biblical languages, he is thankful for opportunities to teach and train Christ’s church both in the US and overseas. Bryan also lives and ministers in Kansas City, MO, in connection with his church, Christ Fellowship of Kansas City. He is married to Joey and they have two sons, Lucas and Zion.

May 11

The Particular Importance of Not Being Particularly Important by Bryan Elliff

Give it up. Allow yourself to be nobody. Have a seat at the end of the table and you might just find Jesus sitting there too.

Sep 22

The Church Commute: Why Where You Live Matters by Bryan Elliff

Is our body life suffering because all of its parts live so far away?

Mar 24

Production or Virtue? by Bryan Elliff

If I prioritize production, I end up frustrated, and I actually abandon virtue and toy with anger or bitterness.

Feb 28

Praying Specifically by Bryan Elliff

What if we walked into every day with the expectation that God hears and answers specific prayer?

Jul 26

Like Those Who Dream: An Imagination of the New Creation by Bryan Elliff

Isaiah and the book of Revelation help us to connect the exile and restoration of Jerusalem with the brokenness and restoration of the world. 

Oct 2

Less Lecture, More Learning: Ideas For A Better Sunday School Hour by Bryan Elliff

What if we all could get as much out of it as the teacher? What if we could all experience that process of learning together?

Apr 24

Creating a Culture of Hospitality by Bryan Elliff

 It is not about your house or your meal; it is about the Christ-centered fellowship that takes place at your house over your meal.