Resources by Cale Fauver

Cale Fauver is a Pastoral Resident at Christ Church Carbondale (IL). He is an undergrad student at Spurgeon College, and he and his wife Kelly have a son, Jude.

Jul 17

What God Says is Better by Cale Fauver

Beloved, you have a Wonderful Counselor. Heed his instruction about what is better.

Sep 18

Subduing and Being Subdued by Cale Fauver

This is fight of the Christian life: subduing what once subdued us. And, by God's grace, we will accomplish this task by his word and power.

Jun 22

Remember the Gospel by Cale Fauver

This is what you preach, seek to understand, adore, and center your life on – the gospel.

Aug 22

Pastor, Point Like John the Baptist by Cale Fauver

 John came to point, he came to bear witness about the light, Jesus Christ. 

Oct 24

Faithful Preaching According to 2 Chronicles by Cale Fauver

Faithful preaching finds soul-satisfaction in the heralding of the gospel and in nothing less. 

May 9

Christian, Don't Follow Your Heart by Cale Fauver

True happiness is obedience to the word of God and our dependency on it.