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Apr 24, 2015

Six Guardrails for Multisite Churches by John Mark Yeats

This isn't simply a "megachurch problem." The heart of the issue is found in congregations of 80 people as well as those with attendance in excess of 8,000. Many churches of all sizes struggle with this same issue: pastors who build a strong vision tied only to themselves leave congregations with significant challenges when the eventual change of leadership occurs. So what’s to be done?

Mar 31

John Mark Yeats on How We Benefit From Knowing Our Past by John Mark Yeats

Series: Conversations asks Dr. John Mark Yeats, Dean of Students and Professor of Church History at MBTS, "How would Christians benefit in the future from know our past?"

Jan 28, 2017

Is the Bible Trustworthy? by John Mark Yeats

Series: 2017 Ready Conference

Dr. John Mark Yeats preaching on the reliability of Scripture at the 2017 Ready Conference at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College.

Jan 27, 2018

Has God Spoken?

2018 Ready Conference

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Dr. John Mark Yeats speaks on the truth of special revelation at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Jan 18, 2017

A Question of (Alt) Right and Wrong by John Mark Yeats

Christians must hold to the higher standard that all believers are one, a new race in Christ.