Resources by Jordan Sparks

Jordan Sparks is married to Jared, who is the associate pastor at Christian Covenant Fellowship in Carterville, Illinois. Jordan is the author of the children's book The Dream Lagoon and occasionally posts on the topic of ministry wives at her design blog, Jordan and Jared have a son named Ransom.

Oct 11, 2015

The Pastor's Wife: A Helper Fit For Him by Jordan Sparks

I know that I have often felt the tug of the Mama Bear inside of me to get the claws out when I feel that my pastor husband is being wronged in some way. Although at times my response may be fleshly, I wonder if I indeed have some role in helping through these times.

May 10, 2017

Love After Valentine's Day by Jordan Sparks

We get to engage in a selfless, other-exalting relationship that frees us from our focus on ourselves.