Resources by Kaylee Freeman

Kaylee is an Administrative Assistant for Academic Services at Midwestern Seminary, where she and her husband Brandon are pursuing theological education. Kaylee recently graduated with a BA in English Education and seeks to write biblically sound and helpful material, specifically for women. The Freemans are members at Liberty Baptist Church in Liberty, MO, where Kaylee co-teaches a theology class for women.

Dec 1, 2016

Yes, Go to Church on Christmas Day by Kaylee Freeman

Though gift-giving is special and can be done in a godly way, why would we want to miss this glorious time with our church family feasting on the joy of heaven in order to simply open earthly treasures?

May 24

Jealous for His Time: The Wife of a Seminarian by Kaylee Freeman

I was bitter because theological education was stealing time I thought was due me. 

Sep 25

3 Ways Self-Condemnation Steals Your Joy by Kaylee Freeman

Lay down the luggage of condemnation and kneel in worship at the feet of Him who bore your sins.