Resources by Mike Brooks

Mike serves as an Editorial Assistant at For The Church.  He is currently an M.Div student at MBTS and a Pastoral Resident at Emmaus Church. He enjoys writing, watching most sports, and loves all things theology and church planting. Mike and his wife, Paige, reside in Kansas City. You can follow him on Twitter via @mikebrooks.

Aug 17

The Advantages of On-Campus Seminary by Mike Brooks

If left to make the decision again, you should know I’d be turning in my application and renting a moving truck before you finish reading this sentence.

Mar 21

Oddly Fashioned Heroes by Mike Brooks

More than likely, you and I are the products of the quiet faithfulness of a generation of men and women whose names the world will never know.

Apr 25

If the Church Won't Change by Mike Brooks

Often, in lieu of your local church becoming the best contextualized version of itself, God is fashioning its parts into a whole that looks more like Him.

May 25

Gluttons for Good News by Mike Brooks

It doesn’t get better than the gospel. There isn’t a higher up, further down, deeper, wider experience to be had in the Christian life.

Jun 15

A Few Words to Aspiring Pastors by Mike Brooks

Oh, that ministers-to-be might give themselves to the time and to the process of becoming the man God will use to shepherd his people.