Resources by Andrea Burke

Andrea Burke is the Director of Women's Ministry at her home church Grace Road Church in Rochester, NY. She writes and teaches regularly for women. She's married to the quintessential Vermont man, Jedediah, and they are raising two kids in an old farmhouse on a couple of acres outside of Rochester, NY. You can also find more about her at or on Twitter @theandreaburke.

Aug 29, 2016

You Could've Been Something by Andrea Burke

“I heard your CD today,” she tells me. “You have a great voice. You could’ve been something!” I could’ve been something, yes, and by God’s grace I didn’t.

Apr 10, 2019

When You Make Your Bed In Hell by Andrea Burke

I wanted the Bible to fit my story. I didn’t want any impositions.

Feb 3, 2017

When They Say Parenting Gets Worse by Andrea Burke

You don’t get to decide to lay down your life one day and then not think about it again

Jan 6

What a Zombie Ant and Sin Have in Common by Andrea Burke

Sin doesn’t make you more real. Sin makes you more dead.

Apr 29, 2015

We Wait, Eyes to the Ground by Andrea Burke

“No,” she pulls a blanket up over her head. I know you want to hide, I want to say. Confession makes us feel naked even with all of the weight of hiding on top of us. I know where she is, but I ask for her to show herself anyway. Coming face to face with the one you’re confessing to is important. I know it from the garden. I…

Jul 6, 2015

The Wolves, Swords, and Foxes by Andrea Burke

How long will I keep anxiety on a leash pretending I’m not on the end of his?

Apr 13, 2018

The Quiet Faithful Life of Ruth Lee by Andrea Burke

The amazing and good news about this upside-down kingdom of our God is that you can be the most effective, the most faithful, and leave the greatest legacy simply by being faithful in your quiet life. 

Mar 22, 2019

The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush by Andrea Burke

We’ve gone so far down the road of feminism that we’ve forgotten how to proudly be feminine.

Aug 6, 2019

The Gospel According to Essential Oils by Andrea Burke

I am not against you, friend. I’m against the golden calf that I’ve seen built in your midst.

Feb 25, 2019

Numbering Our Days by Andrea Burke

We must let time pass over us with the night and we must give in to letting God be the sovereign one.

Mar 10, 2017

Into the Great Unknown by Andrea Burke

Go to the source. Go into the dark of things you don’t know. Watch how the stars shine.

May 6, 2015

I Doubt It All by Andrea Burke

The fight for love is sometimes not letting go.

Feb 15, 2019

How to Lead Women’s Ministry in a Complementarian Church by Andrea Burke

God created men and women to work in such a way that we both have the same goal and we need one another to get the job done. 

Feb 17, 2017

Health, Wealth, And Not Much Else by Andrea Burke

Revival wasn't shouting and screaming; it was the beat of love within me for others.

Nov 5, 2018

Grave to Groom by Andrea Burke

We grieve at bedsides and empty beds, asking hard questions that might go unanswered for our lifetimes.

Jun 13, 2018

Give Us Our Daily Bread by Andrea Burke

The wallets that remain empty force us to find our joy in things that cannot be valued by Wall Street and Instagram. 

Dec 6, 2017

Church Discipline Brought Me Home by Andrea Burke

In 2006, I sat at the table with men and women at The Village Church and heard the words that I didn’t want to hear: church discipline.

May 31, 2019

An Obedient Woman by Andrea Burke

Eventually, if we actually believe what we believe, obedience will be the tell-tale sign that follows us.

May 14, 2019

A Gentle and Quiet Woman by Andrea Burke

Our goals as Christian women should and will look different the more we behold Christ and, in desperation, throw everything aside and root ourselves in him. Only then can we be immovable, unshakable, laughing at the days to come.​​