Blog Entries on John

Chapter 14

May 2, 2015

Set Free By Love To Love by Rob Trahan

We don’t follow Christ’s commands because we should or because we will be “blessed” when we do. We follow Christ’s commands because we have a deep and profound admiration and a growing love for Him and we want nothing more than to please Him.

Chapter 15

May 17, 2015

Bearing Fruit in a World That Hates You by Brandon Shields

After reading several dozen church planting manuals over the past few years, I’ve yet to see one with a chapter entitled, “Don’t freak out, they’re just gonna hate you.”

Chapter 17

May 1, 2015

Reclaiming the Heaven of Heaven by Erik Raymond

Join me as I try to think about heaven more often, even dwelling upon the reality of it, the ceaseless praise that is going on right now to the blessed Savior for his wrath drinking death upon the wood of Calvary.