Get FREE Resources When You Pre-Order ‘The Gospel-Driven Church’

by Staff February 19, 2019

We at FTC are really excited about the latest book from managing editor Jared C. Wilson. The Gospel-Driven Church is for ministry leaders interested in transitioning their church away from pragmatism and more toward a conscientious gospel-centeredness. As such, it is full of application points and proactive pointers, and even tells the (fictitious) story of a pastor leading such a transition in his own church throughout the chapters.

Published by Zondervan and subtitled "Uniting Church Growth Dreams with the Metrics of Grace," The Gospel-Driven Church helps churches probe deeper than even the blessings of numeric and resource growth to appropriately gauge their spiritual health and work toward orientation around the work of Jesus.

Matt Chandler says, "This book should soothe weary leaders’ bones and free them to point freely and passionately to the beauty of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.”

Eric Geiger calls it "a must-read for those in ministry leadership."

Clint Pressley says this book is "the magna carta for gospel-centered change."

(Read more endorsements here.)

The book officially drops March 12, but you can preorder it now through your online retailer of choice. And if you do, they have some bonus resources for you!

If you pre-order 1-4 copies of the book, you'll receive advance access to J.D. Greear's foreword and Chapter 1 of the book, as well as a special assessment tool written by Jared to help you more deeply evaluate the spiritual health of your church.

Pre-order 5 or more copies — to work through with your church staff or ministry team, or just to give away to leaders you love — and you'll get the previous bonus resources offered and an exclusive video teaching session from Jared, produced just for groups starting this journey together.

Pre-order info and details on how to claim your bonus resources are available at Make sure to take advantage of these offers soon. And may Jesus be big in your church!