Link For The Church (6/11)

by Staff June 11, 2018

Youth Group or Frat House?

Ian McLoud writes on how the youth group mindset can overemphasize fun over the gospel. He shares how we can move forward. 

Why Is The Substitutionary Atonement Essential?

"The principal work of Jesus on the cross was atoning for the sins of His people by standing in their place and bearing the consequences and judgment of their sins." - Nicholas T. Batzig

Have You Left Your First Love?

Greg Morse writes on the seasons of life when darkness seems to overwhelm you. When we drift, there are ways we can return to God, and Morse provides these encouragements.

6 Things New Parents Need to Hear

There is a lot you may want to accomplish as a new parent. Barnabas Piper shares some straight-forward advice about what you should expect. 

God Is Working Through Your Waiting

It seems like we're always waiting, and Jaquelle Crowe writes on the ways to have faith in the midst of our waiting.