Links For The Church

by Staff November 20, 2017

A Heart for Orphans

Kelly Rosati shares what God feels for orphans, and shares her personal experience with bringing the fatherless nearby. 

Manna for Mamas

"We do not get to be gods over even our communion with him. He provides. He decides. He gives us just enough and no more. He will rain manna from heaven for all the mamas out there."

Give To Those Who Beg From You

In this rightly-nuanced piece, Andrew Wilson writes about when we should give to those in need, and when we should not. 

Beware These Seven Gospel-Distortions

Kristen Wetherell has seven cultures that specifically affect women. These false gospels have a faulty foundation, and she encourages women to find their foundation in the true gospel.

The Danger of Gossip

"If we care not just about the reputations and well-being of our neighbors, but also the reputation of Christ’s body and the well-being of its members, we won’t give crooked speech an inch, because it will always take a mile."