Links For The Church

by Staff January 21, 2019

5 Myths About Complementarianism

Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger write about ways that complementarianism is misunderstood. There are false understandings about this doctrine and the Köstenbergers debunks some of these.

Practical Applications of the Doctrine of Justification

"When we properly understand this doctrine, we properly know assurance, have a defense against our common enemy, develop a heart of humility, and live a life of continual thanksgiving." - Nate Pickowicz

Engaging the Audience's Emotions

Pastors may be hesitant about trying to engage emotion in their preaching. Garrison Griffith gives encouragement to pastors on how to use emotion well and for the benefit of the congregation. 

Everyday Liturgies: Why Youth Conform To What Faces Them

Chris Neal writes about how liturgy can shape high school students. He describes cultural liturgies and then offers three ways youth pastors can establish new liturgies with his students.