Links For The Church (1/23)

by Staff January 23, 2017

Jesus' Compassion For The Rich And Powerful

Compassion for the poor, lame, outcast, and broken was a large part of Jesus' life on earth. Scott Sauls writes on Jesus' relationships with the wealthy and what we can learn his love for those with money. 

So Grateful God Made Me Wait

Whatever the "Big Thing" is, Joshua Rogers explains why it's worth the wait. The gift is not the ultimate, but the One who will give it is. 

Recovering Masculine Friendship

Gavin Peacock writes, "We need to teach the next generation of boys what masculine friendship looks like because too many are left fearfully scrambling around in the dark."

Help! I Have A Heretic In My Church

What do we mean by heresy? Does my church have sound theology? How do I correct bad theology? These questions find helpful answers in this post by Bob Smietana.