Links For The Church (1/27)

by Staff January 27, 2020

Pro-Life is Pro-Woman

Chelsea Sobolik reviews the annual March for Life and it's emphasis on caring for the unborn and the women who bear them in their wombs.

God Will Be Good Again Tomorrow

"God knows the suffering you carry, he knows the hurdles you face, he knows how insufficient and insecure you feel, and he knows exactly what you need." - Marshall Segal

5 Reasons to Recover Benedictions at Church

In this article, Drew Hunter walks through Biblical examples of benedictions and shares how including them in the church liturgy can encourage the church.

How Do I Talk To My Kids About Ethnicity?

Nana Dolce tackles this subject and provides three helpful lessons to teach kids about ethnicity. She provides simple and biblical content to disciple kids on this subject. 

Discipleship: Should You Ever Walk Away?

"What’s more brutal, and potentially eternally disastrous, is a goat who thinks they are a sheep because you carry them everywhere." - Fontaine Selway