Links For The Church (1/4)

by Staff January 4, 2021

We Are Blind Without The Spirit: What We Still And Will Believe

Jesus leaving this earth meant that the Holy Spirit would be with us. We may not think about this indwelling nature of God, but Lewis Guest helps us understand how marvelous it really is.

What’s So Great about the New Year?

Eliza Huie shares four ways to flourish in 2021. She gives practical and Biblical reasoning for these suggestions and points us to steward this year well.

Feeble Words in Prayer

“You can stutter, mumble, and get words twisted and God will be pleased with it if it’s coming from a heart of worship.”

Let’s Be Different in 2021. (But Not Like That.)

David Schuman uses Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to encourage the reader toward holy living. Being set-apart is a worthy thing to strive for this year, and though we may endure a fire for it, we will be refined in it.