Links For The Church (10/19)

by Staff October 19, 2020

For All My Fellow Phonies

“We live each day painfully aware that we have a long way to go in the process of being sanctified, and that means that many things we do and say are tinged with a little fear that someone will find us out.”

Don’t Quarrel Over Opinions But Welcome One Another

Warren Peel writes about the importance of not just unity but also loving and encouraging one another, no matter our differing views.

Not Home Yet: The Unfulfilled Longings of Nostalgia

Nostalgia can bring with it deep emotions and discontentment. When we “cannot return to the happy place” we should then be motivated to look to eternity and rest our eyes there.

The Absurdity of Pride

“Human beings are the crown of creation but it is because God made it so. From that high place, we take our cues from our King who gave up his rights, knowing that his place with the Father was secure.” – Ed Welch

Do We Grieve Over False Teachers?

Lara d’Entremont writes about true grief over those who are false teachers. She encourages us to avoid pride or ungodly anger, but rather to humbly counter false teaching with the truth.