Links For The Church (10/29)

by Staff October 29, 2018

Five Ways to Improve at Encouraging One Another and Building Each Other Up

Jared Musgrove explains the need for encouragement and provides specific and practical ways that the church can love and encourage one another. 

Needed: Word-Spreading Women

Women should be sharing the good news of the gospel. Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman share three reasons why women, specifically, should be sharing the gospel. 

4 Truths for Grandparents to Embrace

"With the time we have left we plan to reach the next generation in our family. God has made it our purpose and delight to take full advantage of the uniquely designed time of childhood. With the Lord’s help, we will use our words and lives to tell our grandchildren of His praiseworthy deeds, so they will put their trust in Him" - Barbara Reaoch

Feeling, Not Just Knowing, God’s Love

Colin Smith gives four testimonies from church history about the overwhelming love of God. Each of these people felt God's love deeply and their example can help us pursuing feeling God's love deeply.

How To Love Your Single Friends Well

Loneliness can sometimes take root and destroy a soul. Sara Beth Fentress writes about how being single can be difficult and shares some practical wisdom for those who have friends who are single. 

4 Ways Pastors Can Develop True Friendships

Heath Peloquin writes on the pastor's struggle to find deep and genuine friendships so that they do not leave the ministry. He provides four practical ways to cultivate these friendships that help see out the ministry to completion.