Links For The Church (10/8)

by Staff October 7, 2018

We Collaborate Because We Are Collaborations

Wes Ardis writes about creativity within a community. "We should regularly make art through other trusted artists in the same way that the Father shared every bit of His creative work through Jesus."

Encouragement for Bible Reading from Puritan Women

Jenny-Lyn De Klerk provides 6 examples of women who wholeheartedly trusted the Bible and its power. She uses these women to provide encouragement for why we should make the Bible central.

What is Your Role as a Christian in the #MeToo Movement?

As a survivor of sexual assault, Trillia Newbell provides six different ways that Christians can participate and care for the abused in the midst of the #MeToo movement. 

America's Hidden Mission Field: Why We Need Rural Churches

Bob Smietana shares several facts about rural areas and why they need church planters. He shows that poverty, culture, and location all affect the growth of the gospel, and encourages others to consider rural church planting.