Links For The Church (10/9)

by Staff October 9, 2017

On Altar Calls and Invitations

Nathan Rose shares three observations about altar calls and offers a different way to think about them in our churches. 

10 Reasons You Can Have Hope For The Future

When things that we don't understand happen around us, it can be easy to lose heart. Mark Altrogge writes about 10 truths that we can hold on to when we feel hopeless.

Should We Abandon The Language of 'Racial Reconciliation'

Duke Kwon explains the biblical legitimacy of the word 'reconciliation' and explains why Christians should continue to use this kind of language. 

Talking to Your Kids About the Las Vegas Shooting

Mass shootings are difficult for anyone to make sense of, especially children. In this helpful piece, Phillip Bethancourt proposes a five-tiered way to explain this tragedy to your kids.