Links For The Church (11/13)

by Staff November 13, 2017

Do You Sleep Less Than Jesus?

David Mathis provides a theology of sleep in this article. He provides two ways to think about sleep, and he explains why both are ultimately about trusting God.

Why You Should Stop Pretending You'll Live Forever 

Ecclesiastes has much to teach about life and death. David Gibson writes that the message of this book shows us how to live even though we will be forgotten.

The Unexpected Secret About ‘Boring Men’ And The Women Who Love Them

Ann Voskamp explains what romance is like with "boring men" and why this kind of romance is Christ-like.

Pitfalls White Churches Must Avoid When Pursuing Racial Unity

"Solving racial issues in our country is not about scholarship," writes Christine Hoover from an interview with a pastor of a predominately black church.