Links For The Church (11/25)

by Staff November 25, 2019

5 Ways A Church Can Cultivate An Environment of Multiplication

If Jesus told his disciples to make disciples of all nations, then this is our calling as well. Chad Spriggs gives practical help for how pastors and other church leaders can encourage this kind of multiplication in their congregation.

Lies That Keep Women From The Word

"We have set our standards so unbiblically high for the moments in which we will read the Bible that we have devalued the word itself." - Rachel Jankovic

Who Delivered Up Jesus To Die?

Nicholas Batzig writes about who was responsible for Jesus' death. He reminds us that it was our sin and our rebellion against God that ultimately held Jesus on the cross.

An Open Letter to the “Dones” (and “Nones”)

What do we say to those who are "done" with the church or claim they are "none" when asked about their religion? Michael Wagenman writes a compassionate letter to those who fall in this category.

Faith Is Not Wishful Thinking. It Is Defiance.

"It’s important to recognize that God’s promises are not simply a pledge of a future reality; they bring about that reality in the present." - Michael Horton