Links For The Church (11/9)

by Staff November 9, 2020

Don’t Fall For It

Tommy Clayton writes about the craftiness of the Devil and how we ought to have wisdom. Instead of swinging on either side of the pendulum of what we think about Satan, we ought to have a balanced and realistic understanding.

Blessed Are the Unoffendable

What do we do when we are easily offended? Abigail Dodds shares what the Bible actually says about being offended and how we can seek to be unoffendable.

Improving in Preaching

“A man who is called into the ministry of the gospel ought to desire growth in this most sacred task.”

Breathe in the Happiness of Heaven

We desire happiness and know that we are promised it in eternity. Randy Alcorn encourages us to consider how we might have happiness and enjoy this life as well.

Fear the One Who Is Greater

“The fear of the Lord must become a habit, the rhythm of our soul—so ingrained in us it becomes our natural response.” – Christina Fox