Links For The Church (12/2)

by Staff December 2, 2019

Gratitude and the Dangers of a Good Life

Jen Pollock Michel writes about the promises that prosperity makes, but how gratitude is the lasting discipline that produces fruit.

What C. S. Lewis Can Teach Us About Youth Ministry

"Youth ministries that actually minister to young people will have an enormous impact on people for the rest of their lives." - Harry Lee Poe

You Can Be Anxious About Nothing

Anxiety can be debilitating, and Paul's command to be anxious about nothing seems impossible to fulfill. In this helpful article, Kim Cash Tate writes that we cannot overcome anxiety apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. 

5 Principles For Ministering To The Homeless

"Whether you engage with the homeless every day in your job or drive past a woman standing on a corner, to affirm the dignity of each image-bearer who is homeless and work for their well-being is a Kingdom calling." - Cameron Presson