Links For The Church (2/1)

by Staff February 1, 2021

Window Views

Working from home can provide new glimpses of God’s grace. Heidi Tai shares a brief reflection on what she has learned through this season.

The Privilege of Pastoring

“The best pastors I know let their people know how privileged they feel to be their pastor.” – Darryl Dash

What Are We Willing To Pray?

Our prayers reveal what we believe about God. Though words may fail us from time to time, we can still seek to offer God everything we have and ask for His help in our feeble lives.

How You Can Study The Bible With Your Kids

In this helpful article, John Murchison shares four practical ways to read the Bible with your kids. These are simple encouragements to help teach them and shape their little minds.

An Old Cure for an Old Illness

“But the single, overarching problem of man is sin, and it won’t do to solve symptoms at the expense of facing the problem.” – Eleazar Maduka