Links For The Church (2/10)

by Staff February 10, 2020

Salvation and Seeing Your Sin

We may think there are some that are beyond the grips of Christ's salvation. Kevin Gardner writes about God's salvation and how far it cleanses sin. 

Language is Critical to the Missionary Calling

Brooks Buser writes about the importance of studying the language as a missionary. He shares its importance based on Scriptural examples. 

9 Ways to Guard Your Personal Relationship with God

"Giving time and energy to our relationship with God actually increases free time and energy because it helps us get a better perspective on life and order our priorities better."

The Underrated Potential of One-to-One Bible Reading

Colleen McFadden writes about discipleship and the beauty of reading the Bible together. 

What If?

"What if we saw more churches working together, putting aside their personal preferences and sharing resources in order to impact more people and contexts."