Links For The Church (2/12)

by Staff February 11, 2018

What Christians Should Know About Embryo Adoption

Aaron Wilson writes this helpful post on what embryo adoption is, and how Christians should understand it.

The Gratitude Inoculation

We can learn a lot about gratitude through the book of Deuteronomy. Tony Woodlief shares what he learned through his study, and how it can teach us as well. 

Gospel Antifreeze: Reaching Those Cold Toward Church

The Pacific Northwest is hostile to the gospel, and pastors like Jeff Vanderstelt work hard to bring the truth to people who are hard-hearted towards Jesus. 

5 Reasons Christians Shouldn't Be Cynical 

Dan DeWitt shares five things that we can remember when we are tempted to be cynical about the world. 

Why Your Small-Group Ministry Needs Singles

"There are legitimate frustrations that come with singleness, and many single people have gifts to lead and to teach that aren’t be utilized in their churches and small groups because of their marital status." – Joy Beth Smith