Links For The Church (2/19)

by Staff February 19, 2018

How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

Russell Moore is the father of five boys. Because of this, he has experience teaching his boys to respect women. He shares this wisdom and some biblical insights in this post. 

Gather Your Seashells While Ye May

The famous John Piper sermon on gathering seashells has impacted many. Lore Wilbert takes a new angle on this sermon and explains that striving for meaning can sometimes steal our joy. 

Pastors: 4 Ways To Celebrate Women In Your Church

Sometimes women struggle to feel valued in the church. Elenor Dell gives four pieces of advice to pastors on how they can uplift women and give them a voice. 

Why Do Christians Still Die?

David Murray reflects on what it means for a Christian to die. It seems like this shouldn't have to happen, but Murray shares how we should rightly understand death. 

Enough with ‘I Am Enough’

This phrase "does justice neither to the incredible beauty and potential in me because of Christ, nor to the scary caverns of envy and anger I harbor because of sin." -Aimee Joseph