Links For The Church (2/26)

by Staff February 26, 2018

The Gift of Gethsemane for Those Who Struggle with a Painful Call

Eliza Thomas shares about a time when her son's life was in danger, and what that taught her about Jesus' suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It's Not Conversion Therapy; It's Just Conversion

Denny Burk writes on Jackie-Hill Perry's experience at Harvard University. He shares that we need to be ready to love our enemies and be bold to share the truth of the gospel. 

Singles In The Church: When Labels Hinder Gifts

Single people are often limited to specific roles of service in the church. Meagan Smith shares why we should do away with these labels and provide opportunities for single people to serve according to their gifts. 

When I Met Christ

"By coming and dying and rising again, He showed us the ideal in which we might find an echo of His grace, the model on which to base our own longing." -John Waters

Guard Against Temptation

In this helpful devotional, Alistair Begg shares that temptation is imminent. He encourages us to be on guard and to not pursue isolation. 

Adoption: The Good and Hard Lessons 

Micah and Tracy Fries share the lessons they've learned and the struggles they've had in their adoption process. Grafting a new child into their family has been difficult, but their insight is helpful and encouraging. 

The Joy of An Unaccomplished Life

"To lead a quiet life doesn’t mean we lower our expectations; it means we lower our eyes." - Chad Bird