Links For The Church (2/4)

by Staff February 4, 2019

Move Over, Sex and Drugs. Ease Is the New Vice.

We think we're owed an easy life with no issues. However, this isn't the life that we are called to live. Jen Pollock Michel writes about this new vice and shares how we can overcome it.

The Most Attractive Quality in a Leader

"So when you see someone whose inside is bigger than their outside, it is immensely refreshing. You can hear it in their prayers." – Andrew Wilson

The One Thing Christ Will Never Say To His People

Trillia Newbell writes about what God says to us, His children. She reflects on Romans 8 to answer the question, "Who is to condemn?"

The Key To Making the Most Out of Congregational Singing

Singing is not just a vertical action, writes Tim Challies. In this helpful post, he shares how knowing one another enriches congregational singing.