Links For The Church (2/8)

by Staff February 8, 2021

The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Megan Taylor writes about the need for kindness while defining what true kindness really looks like.

The Grace of Good Rebuke: How to Love with Hard Words

“In the life of any local church, rebuke should be an occasional ripple in a mighty river of encouragement.”

The Happy Place of Humble Dependence

Motherhood is full of exercises in humility. Liz Wann writes about Christ’s example and the need for all mothers to depend on Him.

Jesus Headed Toward Those at the Bottom of the Pile. Will Our Children Follow Him?

Radical compassion for those most lowly in status or public opinion is an outworking of Jesus’ character. Ed Drew writes about this compassion and encourages us to raise up children in this type of compassion.