Links For The Church (3/22)

by Staff March 22, 2021

Rain or Shine, He Showed Up

Erik Raymond writes about the reality of death and encourages Christians to “love while you are still able, for, in due time, you will be at a funeral, either of someone dear to you or our own.”

No Bitter Root

Bitterness can overcome our hearts and make us frustrated that it has so much of a grip on us. Glenna Marshall provides encouragement and truth to those who struggle with bitterness.

Where’s the Lie?

So much of what influences us today can be distorted truth, or worse, lies. How can we seek the truth amidst a world full of lies? God’s Word is our answer.

On Aging Well

Daniel Seabaugh shares four observations from those who are older. He points us to consider what we can learn from these saints.