Links For The Church (3/23)

Where’s Jesus in Proverbs?

Matt Emerson shows how we can see Jesus in Wisdom literature. He is present as the Wisdom of God and Emerson shows 3 ways that we can follow God's wisdom. 

Integrity Should Be Every Pastor's Middle Name

Pastors should be sure that their words are true and "right." Joe McKeever encourages pastors toward integrity.

How to Survive a Life Like Yours: Why Self-Help Is Only Some Help

"Neither the most rah-rah motivational alpha male nor the most spirited “you go girl” cheerleader can compete with the grace that God’s wisdom offers." - Samuel James

What I’ve Learned From Working With Survivors Of Abuse And Trauma

Melissa Affolter shares some of the wisdom she has learned from working with those who have survived abuse and trauma. She shares how healing can be found for them.

What Is Successful Evangelism?

"Rightly understanding our job in evangelism is crucial because we easily get discouraged in evangelism for the wrong reasons." - Isaac Adams