Links For The Church (4/1)

by Staff April 1, 2019

In Praise of the Plateaued Church

Zach Barnhart questions the traditional understanding that a stagnant church is a disobedient church, and asks whether this might be something worthy of praise. 

3 Reasons To Preach From The Old Testament

The Old Testament is the foundation for all that takes place in the New Testament. The church should not avoid teaching from the Old Testament, and Meredith Cook explains why.

A Rare Jewel in a Restless World

Andrew Davis writes about contentment and the struggle for Christians to find it. He describes it like a rare jewel, states that contentment is priceless, and encourages Christians to seek it out. 

Why Men and Woman Can – And Must – Work Together

"The bottom line is, a leader is a leader—whether male or female. Both are gifted. Both are called. Both bring amazing contributions to the body of Christ." – Faith Whatley